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Aviation And Ports Services

Airports and ports have needed to increase their security measures in recent years in the wake of the increasing amount of violence that has unfolded. Airport security services are among the most highly sought after services in the industry. Optimum Security provides premium, specialized services for airports and ports, including airport security services, port security services, aviation security services and more, protecting some of the biggest transportation clients in Canada. We offer some of the most technologically advanced security products on the market, making us a leader in the industry and one of Canada’s most trusted security providers.


Optimum Security understands the unique aviation and port environment to deliver the most comprehensive security available. Our security professionals undergo rigorous training that exceeds the requirements set forth by the Ministry of Public Safety and Security, including on-site training, which equips them with the skills to provide a level of security that is highly specialized. We have recruited the best security professionals in the field, all of whom who have years of experience. They remain at the top of their field due to their commitment to security via our continuous training sessions, which make them adept at identifying risks and hazards before they become cause for concern. Your aviation security guard will be committed to your safety above everything else.


Optimum Security is one of Canada’s most trusted security solutions providers with years of experience. We customize our security plans to accommodate your particular needs and we customize the process of assessing potential risk factors. We offer a variety of aviation security services and port security services, including:

  • On-Site Security Guards

    Our highly trained security guards specialize in the area of aviation and port security. Whether you are in need of an aviation security guard or port security guard, we have a range of security guard services available. Each aviation security guard and port security guard is assigned to a site based on careful analysis.

  • Mobile Patrol Security

    An alternative or addition to on-site security guards is mobile patrol security. Mobile patrol security includes alarm/emergency response, inspections, location-specific area patrols, regular/random patrols and more. Mobile patrol security can also include parking lot security. We offer this service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

  • Integrated Security Systems And Alarm Monitoring

    We offer a range of advanced security systems, including CCTV systems, access control (from turnkey card access to proximity readers to bio-metric identification and screening), fire alarm systems and intrusion systems (motion detectors, door contacts, automation and 24-hour central station monitoring). Our commercial alarm systems come with options for enhanced business protection.

    Our alarm monitoring service will monitor the airport or port, and in the event that an alarm goes off, the monitoring company will contact the relevant emergency services so that damage is minimized. Our monitoring company is one of the most technologically advanced monitoring companies with the fastest response times, protecting more than 430,000 homes and businesses.

  • Fire Watch Security

    Our security professionals are trained in the line of fire watch. They will monitor the premises for potential fire risks or signs of fire and respond to fire-related emergencies in record time.

    Our airport security services, aviation security services and port security services are unparalleled.

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