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Corporate and Commercial Security Services in Canada

A lot of hard and high-value work takes place in corporate headquarters, shared office spaces, and commercial buildings. These require 24/7 security 365 days a year to reduce risks tied to property crime, such as theft and vandalism and ensure business continuity of essential product and service providers that Canadians count on.

The Optimum Guarantee

At Optimum Security, we’re dedicated to protecting your valuable real estate investment and income potential. Our full suite of security services, such as building access control and mobile patrol, is designed to ensure tenants’ safety, comfort, and productivity in corporate offices, multi-tenant residential properties, and other commercial properties.

Commercial Property Security Services

Our security experts develop a tailored security plan according to the size, activity level, and specific requirements of your office park, high-rise tower, rental property, or warehouse. Each plan includes core commercial property security services, such as:

  • Professional and highly-trained security personnel, including concierge-style setup at entrances
  • Site inspection and mobile patrols throughout the entire property, including parking facilities
  • Scheduled shifts to building access control protocols
  • 24/7 alarm response units and emergency prevention protocols.

Rental Property Security

Property management companies are constantly looking for new tenants to fill vacancies while ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of existing tenants to secure long-term rental and leasing income. How do tenants know they’re protected?

Optimum Security provides premium building access control and permanent security presence for tenants and visitors occupying the most coveted spots in Vancouver. Our mission is tenant satisfaction in your building’s day-to-day operation, so you can form lasting partnerships, reduce vacancies, and maximize the property’s earning potential.

Office Building Security

Commercial properties like office buildings, warehouses, and other facilities are some of the most valuable real estate spaces. These innovation hubs are engineered to accommodate expensive equipment, valuable supplies, and exciting new developments for a wide range of industries. But is it safe?

Optimum Security is here to support and protect your hard work. Our security personnel are trained to provide comprehensive office building and commercial property security through site inspections and strict building access controls. Trust us to protect your commercial property and state-of-the-art technology.

To learn more about comprehensive office building and commercial property tailored to your property’s size and operation, speak with our security experts at Optimum Security.

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