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Educational Institute Security Services in Canada

In the midst of an increasing level of violence that has unfolded in schools and communities at large across Canada, educational institutes are being targeted and attacked. As such, educational institutes are recognizing the importance of increased security measures and specialized educational institution security in schools in order to protect students and staff. Optimum Security provides a range of security services and products to educational institutes, whether it’s elementary schools, high schools, universities, tutoring centres or other educational institutes. We give you first-rate security and the most advanced technology on the market to deliver an unprecedented level of protection.

Security services prevent tragic events from happening. With the increased level of anxiety that parents, teachers, students and other staff feel regarding the increased level of violence taking place in educational institutes, educational institution security reduces anxiety and fear and creates a comfortable and safe educational environment. Having a friendly professional security officer or campus security officer on the premises puts the entire school community at ease.


Optimum Security understands the desire of the school administration to integrate increased security measures within an environment that does not draw attention to it. Our security guards, whether it’s a professional security officer or campus security officer, have undergone security guard school, and other security products fit seamlessly into the school setting. Our security guards take care to become a part of your educational institute in a way that reflects the very culture of your school.


Optimum Security is one of the most trusted security companies, offering highly reliable and top-notch educational institution security. We develop a custom security plan in accordance with your own school’s needs, as well as through the process of evaluating your premises in order to identify high-risk areas. We provide a range of cost-effective security services and products, including:

  • On-Site Professional Security Guards (Plus Short-Term Security Services)

    Our security guards have undergone rigorous school guard school and come highly trained. We hire only the most high-level security guards equipped with the best decision-making and interpersonal skills. They represent your educational institute, and therefore, they go to great lengths to understand your educational institute’s values.

    Our short-term security services can provide enhanced security for special events, such as assemblies, dances and other events, or in response to an emergency.

  • Mobile Patrol Security

    Our security guards from our security guard school can provide mobile patrol security for educational institutes, inspecting your premises for suspicious activity, whether in the form of a professional security officer or campus security officer. This service also includes preventive measures, such as locking doors and windows, as well as checking for other potential hazards. They also will respond to any alarms. This service is offered 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

  • Integrated Security Systems & Alarm Monitoring

    Our high-quality security systems are equipped with the most advanced technology to offer you the highest level of security against a range of possible threats, from intrusions to carbon monoxide. Our security systems include intrusion systems, alarm systems, fire alarms, CCTV systems, access control, security lighting and more. Our alarm monitoring service is provided through Canada’s most trusted security monitoring company. We will monitor your institute for any potential threats and dispatch the appropriate emergency services in the event of an emergency.

Optimum Security values the contribution of educational institutions and this is why we are committed to protecting them. We offer free estimates.

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