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Energy And Utilities Security Services in Canada

Energy and utility companies are now coming up against some of the biggest security threats than ever: cyber attacks. Energy security research shows that each day, organizations across Canada become victims, causing loss of private and sensitive data and devastating damage to buildings and even harm our own Canadian people. Our national security is threatened. The frightening part is that these trends have increased sharply in recent years and are only expected to continue in the future due to Canada’s position as a leader in the industry.

Optimum Security provides first-rate and highly specialized security solutions for energy and utility companies, including energy and utility cyber security. We are one of Canada’s most trusted security providers with the most technologically advanced and sophisticated security products on the market to be able to handle the most serious security threats. We are committed to energy security research and our security solutions are well ahead of their time. With years of experience, we currently protect some of the biggest clients in the industry.


We understand the intricate risks and challenges that are arising in energy and utilities industries, allowing us to provide comprehensive security solutions such as energy and utility cyber security across all fronts. At Optimum Security, we are at the forefront of energy security research to deliver effective and highly strategic solutions for energy and utility companies, which puts us light years ahead of other companies. We are extremely proactive in our approach to security, which is absolutely critical when dealing with threats to national security. We provide the most technologically advanced products on the market to not only prevent security threats but also to be able to handle security attacks quickly and efficiently, all at very cost-effective rates.


  • On-Site And Short-Term Security Guards

    Not only are we at the forefront of security solutions for energy and utility companies, but our professional security guards are also at the top of their profession, equipped with highly specialized knowledge and skills to be able to provide the highest levels of protection. We offer on-site and short-term security services.

  • Mobile Patrol Security

    We offer 24/7 mobile patrol security via our patrol vehicles, from emergency response to inspections to location-specific patrols to regular and random patrols, keyholding and more.

  • Integrated Security Systems And Alarm Monitoring

    We offer some of the most technologically advanced security products on the market to provide first-rate energy and utilities cyber security, including CCTV, access control (including turnkey card access, proximity readers and more), fire alarm systems and intrusion systems (motion detectors, door contacts, automation and more).

    Our alarm monitoring service will provide 24/7 monitoring of all relevant areas. In the event that an alarm goes off, emergency services will respond quickly, therein greatly reducing damage. Our monitoring company is one of the most technologically advanced monitoring companies, currently protecting more than 430,000 homes and businesses.

  • Fire Watch Security

    Our security guards trained and certified in the line of fire watch duty will monitor premises for smoke and fire and provide additional support in the event of a fire-related emergency.

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