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Entertainment Security Services in Canada

An unprecedented level of violence is creeping into every facet of our lives and entertainment venues are particularly vulnerable. At Optimum Security, we offer first-rate entertainment security services for the entertainment industry, including hall entertainment security and security for casinos, night clubs, movie theatres and personal events. We are a leader in the industry and one of the best film security companies in the business with the most advanced security products on the market.

Film security companies and their specialized security measures prevent devastatingly tragic events from happening. Specialized entertainment security services ensure that your assets are protected, aiding in the prevention of potential lawsuits that could damage your family or your business. Entertainment security services such as hall entertainment security ensure that your events are fun and safe.


Optimum Security understands your need to create a fun yet safe environment without compromising on enjoyment. Our security guards integrate themselves seamlessly while conducting themselves in a friendly and highly professional manner. Our security guards come highly trained and undergo a rigorous program that requires frequent training.

It is necessary for security guards to be specifically equipped to handle the kind of violence that can unfold in high-risk situations such as the entertainment business. Our security guards are adept at identifying warning signs and able to de-escalate tense situations as quickly as possible.

We understand the need for your security guards to represent your business. All of our security guards are highly professional and represent the very businesses they protect to the highest degree, all at a very affordable rate. Our security guards are highly professional and take their entertainment security jobs very seriously.

Film security companies are not created equal, but Optimum Security certainly stands out from the rest.


Optimum Security is one of the most trusted security companies in Canada with an outstanding reputation. Our management team will develop a security plan based on your particular needs, as well as through the process of identifying any potential risk factors at your venue or event. We offer a variety of services, including:

  • On-Site Professional Security Guards (Plus Short-Term Security Services)

    Our security guards have undergone rigorous training. We are highly selective in our recruitment process and our security professionals must have extensive credentials in order to be considered for any of our entertainment security jobs at Optimum Security. Each security professional is also assigned to a particular site with very careful consideration, ensuring that all entertainment security jobs are a match first.

    We offer a variety of entertainment security services, including: parkade security and enforcement, crowd control security, hall entertainment security and more.

    Our short-term security services can provide enhanced security for special events or in response to an emergency.

  • Mobile Patrol Security

    Our security guards can provide mobile patrol, including regular and/or random patrols, and can inspect the interior and exterior premises for suspicious activity. It is a cost-effective alternative for businesses that cannot afford full-time security.

    Mobile patrol security also includes preventive measures such as checking for additional hazards. We offer parking lot security and we will respond to any alarms on your behalf. Mobile patrol security is offered 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, which is also true of our emergency centre.

  • Integrated Security Systems & Alarm Monitoring

    Our high-quality security systems are equipped with the most advanced technology to offer you the highest level of security against a range of possible threats, from intrusions to carbon monoxide. Our security systems include intrusion systems, alarm systems, alarm monitoring, fire alarms, CCTV systems, access control, security lighting and more.

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