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Bank and Financial Institution Security Services in Canada

The Optimum Financial Guarantee

Money is the single most important asset that requires protection from the threat of crime and destruction — and Optimum Security is proud to support that. Our highly-trained security personnel are equipped to combat these threats and preserve your bank’s reputation for fast and safe banking, excellent client service, and reliable investment security and growth. Secure your financial institution today.

Security Solutions for Finance

At Optimum Security, our mission is to help you provide better banking. We offer 24/7 security support to protect your assets and ensure continued client satisfaction through mobile patrol, strict building access controls and emergency resistance, escort protocols for large cash deposits.

Our security personnel assigned at financial institutions are specially trained to identify unique risks related to asset theft and loss so that we can optimize prevention and emergency response protocols according to your requirements.

Cash Services

The security requirements of financial institutions go beyond basic building security, and customer and employee safety. Our extended — and custom-tailored — security plans place a premium on asset protection at all stages: transport, deposit, and customer release. Trust our comprehensive multi-service plan to move, store, and dispense cash and other financial assets safely:

  • Armoured truck transportation: our security personnel will escort large cash deposits and assets with full insurance coverage from client locations to your financial institution for fast and safe deposit and recording of accurate financial information.
  • Vault storage: process cash deposits quickly and securely, with guaranteed authenticity verification among customers. Support for remote deposits is also available to speed up currency movement between customers and end-users.
  • Change fund service: access a range of currency configurations with every deposit and withdrawal to improve the customers’ cash flexibility.
  • Cryptocurrency protection: access offline, high-security storage solutions for converted cryptocurrency value when used in various transactions and exchanges. Protect digital assets against loss and tampering.
  • ATM maintenance: promote customer satisfaction with fast, secure, well-stocked ATM outlets that support their cash and account management requirements on-the-go.

Protect your financial institution at the ATM, bank teller service, cash vault, and cryptocurrency levels. Speak with Optimum Security for comprehensive financial institution security services to help you secure clients’ assets and promote investment growth.

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