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Healthcare Security Services in Canada

Workplace violence is very common in healthcare facilities. In fact, nursing was recently hailed as one of Canada’s most dangerous professions given the number of white coat incidents (violent attacks) that happen on the job. More than ever, it is important for healthcare facilities to heighten their level of security. Optimum Security provides first-rate healthcare security services and products to a range of healthcare institutes, whether it’s a hospital, clinic or another type of healthcare facility. We provide the healthcare industry with the highest level of security.

Healthcare security services provide a preventative approach to a range of different threats that plague healthcare facilities, including violent patients, intruders, fires and other very dangerous threats. Security is a particular concern in a public setting such as hospitals or clinics where anyone is permitted to enter the premises. Security measures keep your healthcare facility, your patients and staff, safe and secure.


Optimum Security understands the need to have security professionals who understand the unique environment of the healthcare industry in order to identify the range of possible risks. Our healthcare security guards are not only highly trained, exceeding the standards set out by The Ministry of Public Safety and Security, but they also receive highly specialized training within the healthcare sector. For example, we may dispatch a hospital security guard or a healthcare security officer depending upon your particular facility. Our specialized healthcare security professionals understand the risks that come with your particular environment. Our security guards also undergo regular onsite training in order to stay at the top of their field and within their particular industry.


Optimum Security is one Canada’s most trusted security companies, offering the highest level of healthcare security services. Our management team develops a customized security plan that is tailored to your specific security needs. We offer some of the fastest response times and we are highly reliable, making us a leader in the industry. We provide a range of cost-effective security services and products, including:

  • On-Site Professional Security Guards (Plus Short-Term Security Services) 

    Our healthcare security guards have undergone rigorous training and come highly trained. The assigned hospital security guard or healthcare security officer provides a level of vigilance that is unparalleled. Our short-term security services can provide enhanced security for special events or in response to an emergency.

  • Mobile Patrol Security 

    Our healthcare security guards can provide mobile patrol, including regular and/or random patrols, inspecting your premises for suspicious activity. Mobile patrol security also includes preventive measures such as checking for additional hazards. We offer parking lot security and we will respond to any alarms on your behalf. Mobile patrol security is offered 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, which is also true of our emergency centre. Your hospital security guard or healthcare security officer will be at your disposal.

  • Integrated Security Systems & Alarm Monitoring  

    Our high-quality security systems are equipped with the most advanced technology to offer you the highest level of security against a range of possible threats, from intrusions to carbon monoxide. Our security systems include intrusion systems, alarm systems, alarm monitoring, fire alarms, CCTV systems, access control, security lighting and more.

Optimum Security values the contribution of those in the healthcare profession and this is why we, and our healthcare security guards, are committed to protecting them. We offer free estimates.

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