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Mining Security Services in Canada

The mining industry is an extremely high-risk industry that is very vulnerable to a large number of dangers, from trespassing to explosions, and even undetectable threats like carbon monoxide or methane gas. High-level mine site security is absolutely necessary in order to keep employees safe and in order for mining operations to run as efficiently as possible. Optimum Security provides first-rate, highly specialized mining security services with the most technologically advanced products on the market. In fact, we are one of Canada’s most trusted mining security companies in the business.

Specialized mining security services, such as mine site security, protect your employees and therefore your assets by extension. Danger is drastically reduced with prevention, ensuring that employees are safe and that your business does not suffer unexpected downtime.


Optimum Security specializes in the high-risk environment of the mining industry with a strong focus in mine site security. Our security professionals have years of experience in the mining industry and undergo rigorous on-site training that exceeds the protocol set out by the Ministry of Public Safety and Security. They are highly skilled and have extensive specialized knowledge to minimize danger and provide comprehensive security. Our process of filling positions for our mining security guard jobs is highly competitive.

In fact, many mining security companies fail to implement high-level screening procedures before hiring for mining security jobs. This leaves their staff severely unequipped to handle the unique dangers associated with the mining industry.

Not only are our security professionals among the top in their field, but they also undergo regular training to stay at the forefront of the mining industry when it comes to safety.

We understand that you want affordable mining security services without sacrificing quality, which is exactly what we strive for.


Optimum Security is a leader in the industry and one of Canada’s most trusted mining security companies, offering some of the most sought after mining security services. Our management team will create a customized security plan for your particular site based on your own needs as well through an analysis of all possible risks unique to your particular site. We offer a variety of services, including:

  • On-Site Professional Security Guards (Plus Short-Term Security Services)

    We offer on-site security guard services as well as short-term security services. We match all of our mining security guard jobs to specific professionals that we believe would make an outstanding match.

  • Mobile Patrol Security

    Our security guards can provide mobile patrol, including alarm response, inspections, location-specific area patrols, regular and/or random patrols, keyholding and more.

    Mobile patrol security also includes preventive measures such as checking for additional hazards. Mobile patrol security is offered 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, which is also true of our emergency centre. This is a great option for those looking for a more affordable option than other full-time mining security companies.

  • Integrated Security Systems & Alarm Monitoring

    We offer certified security systems, including CCTV, access control (code entry controls) fire alarm systems, intrusion systems (from motion detectors to automation and more) and 24-hour alarm monitoring.

Hiring a security professional to carry out mining security jobs at your site can be daunting, but we make the process easy.

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