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Government & Municipal Security Services in Canada

It is important to protect the communities that we live in. Optimum Security provides premium security solutions such as security guard services that are specialized toward municipalities and governments. We are one of Canada’s most trusted security providers, with years of experience working on behalf of many governmental properties, delivering first-rate protection.

Creating safe spaces is important for the greater well-being of our residents and visitors. Canada prides itself on being among the safest countries in the world and we are able to uphold that honour with our world-class security solutions.


We understand that it is important for security measures to be as seamless and unobtrusive as possible in public spaces. Optimum Security specializes in providing enhanced security for governmental properties in a way that is highly effective without being conspicuous.

We are highly selective in the recruitment of our security professionals. Our government security guards are highly trained and undergo rigorous on-site training. They are equipped with highly specialized abilities required to work on behalf of government and municipalities, including above average communication skills and friendliness while still remaining highly professional. Our security guards receive further training to work in specific divisions within municipalities or governments. A bank security officer, for example, would receive on-site training at banking institutions.

The assigned government security officer or bank security guard has to be deemed a great match prior to being dispatched. All of our government security guards represent the very people they are protecting and this is why each and every government security officer that we employ is so sought after.


Optimum Security is a leader in the industry. We have earned an outstanding reputation due to our above average security solutions and our reliability. Our management team will create a customized security plan based on your own objectives, as well as through a thorough assessment of the particular public space or building and potential high-risk areas. We offer a number of specialized security solutions for municipalities and governments, including:

  • On-Site & Short-Term/Special Event Security Guards

    Our government security guards are among the top in their field. Each government and bank security guard also undergoes regular training. We offer on-site and short-term/special event security guard services for temporary events such as festivals or sporting events.

    Our Special Services Unit is a specially trained unit that will quickly respond to emergency events such as labour disputes or gang happenings within your municipality, providing additional security within the city.

  • Mobile Patrol Security

    We offer 24/7 mobile patrol security via our patrol vehicles, which includes such security guard services as alarm/emergency response, inside/outside inspections, location-specific patrols, regular/random patrols, keyholding and more. We offer parking lot security and your government security guard can lock and unlock buildings when needed.

  • Integrated Security Systems And Alarm Monitoring

    We offer some of the most technologically advanced security products on the market, including CCTV, access control (including turnkey card access, proximity readers and more), fire alarm systems and intrusion systems (motion detectors, door contacts or automation).

    Our alarm monitoring service will watch over buildings. In the event that an alarm goes off, the monitoring company will contact the relevant emergency services so that damage is minimized. Our monitoring company is one of the most technologically advanced monitoring companies with the fastest response times, protecting more than 430,000 homes and businesses.

  • Fire Watch Security

    Our certified security guards trained in the line of fire watch duty will monitor various premises for smoke and fire and provide additional support in the event of a fire-related emergency.

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