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Oil And Gas Security Services in Canada

Optimum Security provides premium, specialized security services for the oil and gas industry, including oil rig security and oil and gas cyber security. We are one of Canada’s most trusted security companies when it comes to oil and gas, with years of experience protecting big clients in this industry.

It is absolutely necessary that oil and gas sites have comprehensive oil and gas cyber security and/or oil rig security in place to protect their employees and their assets.


We understand the importance of having security guards who know how to navigate high-risk environments such as oil and gas sites in order to minimize danger across all fronts. Our security guards undergo rigorous training, exceeding the standards set forth by the Ministry of Public Safety and Security, including extensive on-site training. This makes our security guards highly specialized in the area of gas and oil to provide a comprehensive level of security and protection. We are highly selective when it comes to filling our oil and gas security jobs. All of our security professionals not only have years of experience in the industry but also undergo regular training to stay on top of the best security solutions for gas and oil sites.

We offer affordable services that will maximize your business’s goals without having to sacrifice high quality oil rig security. The gas and oil security jobs that we have undertaken in the past have allowed us to cultivate one of the most outstanding reputations in the industry.


Optimum Security is one of Canada’s most trusted security providers. We are reliable, efficient and our oil and gas security jobs and products are highly sought after. Our management team will create a customized security plan that takes into account your particular needs. Our services include:

  • On-Site And Short-Term Security Guards

    We offer on-site and short-term security services, including oil and gas cyber security.

  • Mobile Patrol Security

    Mobile patrol security is a very cost-effective security option for businesses. We offer 24/7 mobile patrol security via our patrol vehicles, which includes: alarm/emergency response, inside/outside inspections, location-specific patrols, regular/random patrols, keyholding and more. We also offer parking lot security.

  • Integrated Security Systems And Alarm Monitoring

    We offer some of the most technologically advanced security products on the market, including CCTV, access control (turnkey card access, proximity readers and more), fire alarm systems and intrusion systems (motion detectors, door contacts, automation and more).

    Our alarm monitoring service will monitor your gas or oil site on a 24/7 basis and in the event that an alarm goes off, our highly regarded monitoring company, one of the best in Canada, will contact the relevant emergency services so that damage is minimized. Our monitoring company is one of the most technologically advanced monitoring companies with the fastest response times, protecting more than 430,000 homes and businesses.

  • Fire Watch Security

    Our security guards are certified in the line of fire watch duty. They will monitor the premises for smoke and fire and provide additional support in the event of a fire-related emergency.

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