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Parking Lot Security Services in Canada

Parking lots are increasingly targeted by criminals due to lack of staff and easy access, with crimes ranging from theft to more serious physical assaults. Parking lots lose billions of dollars each year due to patrons that simply get away with not paying. Those in the parking industry are recognizing the need to increase their security efforts to protect their patrons and business interests. Optimum Security provides first-rate parking lot security. We are a leader in the industry and offer some of the most technologically advanced security products on the market.

Parking lot security is not an option — it is a necessity. Not only is it important to protect the safety of your patrons, but increased security measures will also prevent the loss of thousands of dollars each year due to dishonest patrons.


At Optimum Security, we understand that for many people, the parking lot industry is a business. As such, we offer affordable and yet highly effective security solutions that address all security risks that plague the parking lot industry. Our security professionals are highly trained, exceeding the standards set out by the Ministry of Public Safety and Security and have years of experience in parking lot security. We are highly selective in the process of filling our car park security jobs. Our security professionals receive regular training in order to stay on top of the most recent security threats in the industry, allowing us to offer the most current and up to date security solutions. This is where Optimum Security outshines its competitors. We stay ahead of the criminals.

Our security professionals come to represent the businesses they protect and are highly professional with outstanding communication skills to enhance your business. They take their parking lot security jobs and car park security jobs very seriously.


We are one of Canada’s most trusted security providers, offering first-rate, affordable and reliable parking lot security. We will create a customized security plan that takes into account your own needs. Our services include:

  • On-Site And Special Events Security Guards

    Our security guards are among the top in the industry and are extremely committed to their parking lot security jobs. We match each of our security professionals with parking lot security jobs and car park security jobs to ensure that they are an outstanding fit.

    We offer on-site and special events/temporary security guard services, including parkade security and enforcement.

  • Mobile Patrol Security

    Mobile patrol security is a great cost-effective alternative to full-time, on-site security guards Mobile patrol security includes the following services: alarm response, indoor/outdoor inspections, location-specific patrols, regular and random patrols, keyholding and more.

  • Integrated Security Systems

    We offer a range of the most technologically advanced security systems to provide protection against a range of parking lot threats, including: CCTV, access control, fire alarm systems and intrusion systems (motion detectors, automation and more).

  • Alarm Monitoring

    Canada’s most trusted monitoring company, Reliance Protection, will monitor your parking lot on a 24/7 basis. In the event that an alarm goes off, our monitoring company will send out the appropriate emergency services in record time, minimizing all possible damage. Reliance Protection currently protects more than 430,000 homes and businesses.

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