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Residential Security Services in Canada

We provide Condominium Security Services and residential security services for gated communities, residential areas, and private homes. Optimum Security understands that residential security is about more than just safety, it’s about having peace of mind. We hire professionals who have good language skills and are easy to communicate with, so they are able to deliver a high level of customer service for you and your neighbours who become part of the residential community.


When you’re counting on your security officers to keep you safe, it’s important to find the right people for the job. We have developed the reputation in the industry in providing the best personnel for residential communities. We recruit friendly, confident candidates who enjoy working with the public and are attentive to detail so they can carry out the important tasks of their posts.


We understand people have different needs, so we offer a range of services that you can choose from according to your needs.

  • 24/7 Mobile patrol
  • You may want your business to always be secure, but it’s not necessary to have a security officer there 24/7. That’s where mobile patrol is useful. At Optimum Security, our mobile patrols are available 24/7, meaning you can schedule them to visit your business anytime, day or night.

  • Alarm response
  • Our team at Optimum Security provides reliable and fast response services. This means even if your alarm does go off, our team is ready to respond 24/7, leaving you with peace of mind.

  • Regular or random patrols
  • A regular patrol is when there’s a defined route or area that the security guard will visit on a set schedule. Whereas random patrol is when the area is still the same, but the frequency is changed, so thieves can’t tell when a guard will monitor your store.

  • Onsite security guard
  • Our security guards at Optimum Security will help prevent thefts, maximize loss prevention, and safeguard your assets by being onsite at your store or within the mall. Having a security guard physically present adds another layer of security to protect your business.

  • Alarm monitoring
  • At Optimum Security, we ensure that you’ll get a prompt response from our team that works 24/7 whenever your alarm happens to go off.

Optimum Security’s security guards are the eyes and ears of your neighbourhood. Security officers serve as the first and last impression of your residential community, strata or building. You want your residents, their families and their guests to feel safe and secure.

Contact us and learn more about our residential security services and programs.

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