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Retail Security Services in Canada

Retail Security Guard Services Vancouver

We provide Retail Security Services to a wide range of retail companies including department stores, malls, and retail stores of all sizes. Retail tenants, their employees, and customers all need to feel secure and welcome in your facility and safe.


Retail loss prevention involves numerous activities, functions and programs designed to reduce a retailer’s loss due to theft, control deficits and operating deficiencies. Optimum Security works closely with your business to gain control of losses and business contingencies. Not only do our services reduce loss, but our staff protects our clients’ employees from engaging with suspected criminals and from potentially violent situations.

Shoplifting is a growing problem and in order to overcome these issues, retail business owners must take the necessary steps to protect merchandise from theft. A proper security measure will help reduce loss and will allow the retailer to compete in the market place by delivering the product to their customers at a lower price.

Our current focus is to efficiently reduce the risk of shoplifting in the mall without causing any kind of disruption to the business or its clients. Many of our clients say that outsourcing their loss prevention program has helped them focus on the aspects of their business rather than spend time recruiting and training personnel.


Our range of services includes:

  • In-Store Uniformed Deterrence

    It’s useful to have your employees know how to spot shoplifters, but when the store becomes busy, they can become distracted. Having a security guard stationed outside your store can deter shoplifters and keep track of incoming and outgoing traffic while your employees do their jobs.

  • Plain Clothes Loss Prevention Officer

    A plainclothes prevention officer helps prevent external theft from shoplifters but is also beneficial if you suspect there may be internal theft from employees.

  • Consultation

    Meet with our team to discuss your needs for your retail store, mall, or department store. We’ll go over what works best for your security needs, company culture, and budget.

  • Store Audits

    Inform our team at Optimum Security what parts of your store you would like audited. Our team will then complete a store audit to identify and address potential security issues to help loss prevention.

  • Floor Walking

    Our team can provide your retail store, department store, or mall with floorwalkers who will blend in while still keeping their eye out for shoplifters.

  • Bag Checks

    A simple yet effective way to prevent theft is to do bag checks once customers leave and ensure their products match their receipts and see if they’re hiding any items on their person.

  • Mystery Shop Program

    Having a mystery shopper is effective for not only preventing theft in your store but also reviewing your staff’s customer service and how your store is operating.

Contact us and learn more about how we can help with your loss prevention program.

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