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Parksville Security Company

When you need security services for your family, home or business, or require special protections to account for your circumstances, Optimum Security is the only name in Parksville that you can trust. We can handle all aspects of the process of providing peace of mind through unmatched security solutions. From 24 hour property surveillance to a well-trained staff and cooperation with local law enforcement, you need Optimum’s guidance and protection to ensure that you’re getting what you pay for.

Parksville Security Guards

When you hire security guards to protect people, property and other assets, you have an expectation that they will be well-trained, well-educated and well-equipped to handle any need that arises in the name of security. The Parksville security personnel provided by Optimum Security have a breadth of experience protecting all manners of important assets, and giving our clients total peace of mind.

Our guards monitor your property with a visible and consistent presence around the clock, acting as a deterrent to any wrongdoing that may threaten your security. We supplement this by sending out mobile patrols and carrying out 24/7 video surveillance so that when a security threat begins to build, we sniff it out and alert the client and the proper authorities before it has a chance to do any damage.

Parksville Alarms and Security Systems

We also provide alarms and security systems for our Parksville clients’ homes and commercial buildings. These systems can monitor and detect for sources of threats, including break ins, fire and flooding, and put you in immediate contact with a response team and the proper authorities.

Why hire a team you don’t trust to protect your most important investments or yourself? Optimum Security has been the most trusted name in Parksville, and we can’t wait to show you why!

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