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Port Moody Security Company

At Optimum Security, we understand that there are any number of reasons why a person might need security solutions for their home, office or any type of property. We also understand the need for security service providers that are reliable and offer comprehensive services for around-the-clock security.

No one wants to hire a company that they don’t trust to provide security solutions, and at Optimum Security this has been one of the driving forces in our business. We want to be an asset to our customers, not a liability. That’s why we offer top notch Port Moody security services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as other dependable security resources. If you need an added layer of protection for yourself or your property, you can count on Optimum Security.

Port Moody Security Guards

Part of our mission to be a consistent force in protecting yourself and your assets, is providing you security personnel that are trained, educated and equipped to help handle all your security needs. We have security guards and mobile patrol forces that can not only monitor your property around-the-clock, but become a consistent presence that deters crime and security threats before they have a chance to arise.

Through patrolling and video camera monitoring, our security personnel can spot a developing threat when it begins and instantly connect you with Optimum Security’s responders as well as local law enforcement to keep the threat at bay.

Port Moody Security Cameras and Alarm Systems

In addition to our top-rated security guards, Optimum Security also offers the installation of cameras, alarms and security systems on your property. From simple window and door alarms to complex threat sensors and video surveillance systems, we have the equipment to ensure that your needs will be protected at all hours.

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