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Special Event Security Services In Canada

Partner with Optimum Security for the best event security services.

Optimum Security can provide top security solutions for events such as:

  • Large conference
  • Sports match
  • Music and film festival
  • Pop-up retail event

Our security professionals ensure the success of your event by securing the safety of your guests and premises.

Why You Need Event Security Services

When it comes to a public event, you can never be too careful. Safety is just as important as the fun aspects of any event. Safety should be a top priority. However, it’s challenging to juggle ensuring meticulous safety while planning all other aspects of your event.

When you enlist event security services, you can put the safety and security of your event in the hands of professionals and save time to work on other aspects of your event.

Benefits of Event Security Services

At Optimum Security, the safety of your guests is our priority. Our highly trained, experienced, and well-equipped security personnel provide equipment protection services and crowd control to ensure the success of your event.

Optimum Security protects everything from your guests to your equipment. Using our event security services at your event gives you peace of mind so that you and your guests can enjoy your event.

Incognito Security

Our event security services provide extensive preparation for your event through:

  • Scenario mapping
  • Threat identification and analysis
  • Early security equipment setup
  • Premises inspection

That way, our security personnel can remain anonymous and avoid interfering with the experience of your guests. If nothing goes wrong, you won’t even know we’re there.

Custom Tailored Event Security Services

Event security isn’t one-size-fits-all. The security you need for your event depends on the type of event, the number of guests, the venue, and what activities will be happening at the event, among other things.

We provide the amount of security personnel and coverage according to your event needs. We cover every entrance and exit and strategically place security personnel for expert crowd control.

How Optimum Security Can Help

At Optimum Security, event security is a priority for your guests’ enjoyment. You can count on us to provide expert security so that you can focus on the guest experience.

We have the tools to provide high-end event security services to ensure the success of your event. Our priority list includes the following:

  • Crowd control: Our security professionals know how to manage large crowds, provide access control, and ensure an orderly entrance and exit for the safety of all of your guests.
  • Health and safety: Our security professionals know how to remain calm in an emergency and are skilled at determining the proper steps for every situation, including knowing when to evacuate the premises.
  • Threat analysis: Our security personnel are capable of assessing threats. Moreover, we conduct location and threat analysis in the background. When necessary, we deploy additional security personnel to provide additional coverage without interfering with your event.

At Optimum Security, the safety of your event is our guarantee. So contact us today to discuss event security services for your next event.

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Our building fire panel went down suddenly, and the repair took several weeks to complete. We hired Optimum because of their experience with vulnerable folks in the DTES. Every firewatch guard I met was calm, friendly and with a professional, courteous demeanour, which is exactly what we asked for, and what was best for this building. Every person in the office I dealt with was helpful, reasonable and professional. This should not be that unusual to find in companies, but it is. Really happy we decided on Optimum for this project.

Mandy Yeomans Optimum Security Vancouver
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Great service. Professional and always answered when we called.

Abdul Safi Optimum Security Vancouver
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I first had an issue with this company, but the owner of the company called me and had a nice conversation. The misunderstanding was cleared. I am happy with this company and would like to award them five stars.

S wa Optimum Security Vancouver
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Great company to deal with, extremely fast service (35) minutes, on a last minute call out. Received follow up from them to confirm all was ok, great communication, very friendly staff, could not do enough to help you out. Will definitely use again if needed.

Ann Park Optimum Security Vancouver
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