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Mobile Patrol Security Guard Services

Optimum Security is your go-to provider for all things related to security. We provide exclusive, customized security services and have highly trained security guards that are ready to assist you, anytime, anywhere. If your residential or commercial property requires security, you can rely on our team to perform a detailed inspection and take action quickly and efficiently

24/7 Mobile Patrol Services

At Optimum Security, your safety is paramount to us. We give 24/7 mobile patrol services that are tailored for any kind of business or property. Our security guards use vehicles that are fully equipped with GPS tracking, and will respond to any incident straight away. They also take fixed routes and follow a randomized schedule to deter criminals. Plus, our team even works on the holidays–we never give safety a day off.

Cost-Effective Security Solution

We strongly believe that everyone should have access to efficient, cost-effective security solutions. When you contact our team, we will provide you with expert security services at an affordable cost. Just give us a call and you can get a customized security program that protects your property, while helping you save extra cash.

How Does Mobile Patrol Work?

As we all know, prevention is key. To ensure the safety of yourself and those around you, take preventative action by investing in mobile patrol.

Our convenient mobile security services deliver patrol officers straight to your site. After you reach out to us, we will deploy our officers to take security measures whenever you wish. We use security vehicles to keep an eye out for any signs of concern and can do patrols in both big and small areas.

Day or night, our experienced team will be there to monitor the zone and respond to emergencies. If any threats are assessed, they will promptly alert you and the local police. With Optimum Security on your side, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your property or business being at risk again.

Our mobile patrol services include:

  • Alarm/emergency response
  • Interior and exterior inspections
  • Location-specific area patrols
  • Regular or random patrols
  • 24/7 national customer service centre
  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Key-holding
Mobile patrol services

Mobile Patrol Services

Our mission is to keep your site as safe as possible. We provide flexible mobile patrol services that are catered to your requirements, delivering the smooth security solutions you need.

Our mobile patrol services include:

  • Computerized Patrol Tour Verification
  • Stay in the loop and get emails about patrolling times, including how long a mobile unit stayed in the area.

  • Locking & Unlocking Buildings
  • Avoid the hassle of asking someone on-site for help and request our patrol officers to lock or unlock your building, and perform a site patrol instead.

  • Parking Lot Security
  • Protect your parking lot with our experienced security guards and they will undertake patrols, ensuring necessary parking rules and regulations are in place.

  • Alarm Response Units
  • When an alarm is triggered on your site, our mobile supervisors will immediately rush to inspect the premises, and get backup and create an incident report if needed.

Reach out to our team and we will deliver exceptional mobile patrol services so that your residential or commercial property stays safe and sound.


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Our building fire panel went down suddenly, and the repair took several weeks to complete. We hired Optimum because of their experience with vulnerable folks in the DTES. Every firewatch guard I met was calm, friendly and with a professional, courteous demeanour, which is exactly what we asked for, and what was best for this building. Every person in the office I dealt with was helpful, reasonable and professional. This should not be that unusual to find in companies, but it is. Really happy we decided on Optimum for this project.

Mandy Yeomans Optimum Security Vancouver
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Great service. Professional and always answered when we called.

Abdul Safi Optimum Security Vancouver
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I first had an issue with this company, but the owner of the company called me and had a nice conversation. The misunderstanding was cleared. I am happy with this company and would like to award them five stars.

S wa Optimum Security Vancouver
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Great company to deal with, extremely fast service (35) minutes, on a last minute call out. Received follow up from them to confirm all was ok, great communication, very friendly staff, could not do enough to help you out. Will definitely use again if needed.

Ann Park Optimum Security Vancouver

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