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Retail Loss Prevention

Retail loss prevention plans are designed to help prevent loss, control deficits, and resolve operating deficiencies. Optimum Security doesn’t just send loss prevention security guards straight to your store. Instead, we work closely with your business to assess your shop for vulnerabilities and give helpful recommendations. Our goal is to not only reduce loss but also protect you and your staff from suspected criminals.

Reducing the Impact of Theft

As shoplifting continues to be a growing concern for retailers, implementing effective retail security measures is essential to protect your merchandise from theft. Optimum Security provides essential loss prevention programs and support to protect your business.

Our thorough loss prevention programs and retail security services provide a comprehensive approach to reducing theft, allowing your business to thrive while staying financially sound. You can invest in your business by reducing losses and maintaining security with help from our seasoned team of retail loss prevention experts.

Our Retail Security Services

The team here at Optimum Security understands the challenges you face as a business owner. That’s why we provide comprehensive retail security services designed to make your life easier. Not only do we deter crime, but we also focus on de-escalation of potential conflicts. With these key services, you can ensure that shoplifters don’t impact your bottom line while maintaining a safe and pleasant retail environment.

In-Store Uniformed Deterrence

Our in-store uniformed deterrence guards provide a visible security presence to deter theft and other criminal activities. Stationed outside your store, they provide an immediate visual signal to any potential thieves or vandals that your store simply isn’t worth troubling. This results in a much lower risk of any incidents, providing a safer environment for employees and customers.

Plain Clothes Loss Prevention Officer

Many theft and internal issues call for a more discrete solution. In these cases, you can count on our plain clothes retail security guards to blend in seamlessly with the general public. They monitor for shoplifters and other suspicious activity unseen by customers or employees. You can resolve a wide range of potential security issues without drawing unnecessary attention.

Floor Walking Security

Our floor walking team blends in with customers to monitor your retail environment and address a variety of security issues and potential theft. We detect and address incidents discreetly, providing effective retail security solutions while maintaining a pleasant shopping experience for your customers and peace of mind for employees.

Security Consultation

Take the right approach to retail store security by consulting with our team of loss prevention professionals. We’ll assess your store’s vulnerabilities, discuss your concerns, and lay out a customized plan that best meets your needs. Let us identify and secure any security gaps to provide a safer retail environment.

Store Audits

Scheduling an in-store audit with our team makes it possible to identify the most critical security weaknesses threatening your business. Whether for your entire store, a specific department, or individual areas such as storage, we’ll ensure that your business is secure in order to prevent potential losses and increase your overall security.

Bag Checks

Our approach to bag checks ensures that your customers still feel safe, confident, and valued at your business. We offer friendly and professional services, including checking and verifying receipts, along with keeping a vigilant eye out for potential theft and other security issues. Maintain security without disrupting your customers’ shopping experience.

Mystery Shopper Program

With our mystery shopper program, you can gain valuable insights into your store operations and identify potential security issues. Our seasoned experts visit your retail store and evaluate employee performance and other details to ensure that your current security solutions are working as intended, along with identifying potential gaps.

The Importance of Effective Retail Security

Effective retail security is crucial for protecting your business and providing customers with a safe and welcoming environment. Maintaining a secure retail environment lets you protect your merchandise to ensure business continuity and profitability. Here’s how working with retail security companies can support your business.

Professional security helps safeguard customer satisfaction. Your customers will enjoy a safe and pleasant shopping environment. The welcoming atmosphere and lack of potential disturbances mean your customers will keep returning.

Of course, retail security protects your inventory. Theft and losses can quickly cut into your margins. Professional security services let you avoid those losses, remain profitable, and offer your goods at competitive prices.

Security services also protect your employees, helping them feel safer at work. Instead of feeling pressured to tackle risky situations alone, they can leave security to seasoned professionals who know what they’re doing and how to de-escalate properly.

Why Choose Optimum Security? Your Trusted Retail Security Company

Optimum Security is your local trusted retail security provider. We offer tailored services customized to your unique needs, ensuring all vulnerabilities are addressed with security measures that suit your business.

That includes focusing on customer service and providing a welcoming environment. Our team has the incident management and de-escalation training to ensure smooth security in any scenario.

Optimum Security gives you access to a comprehensive range of security solutions. This enables a robust approach to security that delivers the best results for your business. We protect from multiple angles, putting our years of experience and skill to work to keep your retail business safer.

Get in Touch for Retail Security Solutions

Looking to improve your retail store’s security? Reach out for a consultation with the security experts at Optimum Security. We’ll go over your options and find a solution that works for your needs.

Secure your profitability and keep customers and employees safe by calling us at (604)-644-9229 or contacting us online to schedule your free security assessment.


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Our building fire panel went down suddenly, and the repair took several weeks to complete. We hired Optimum because of their experience with vulnerable folks in the DTES. Every firewatch guard I met was calm, friendly and with a professional, courteous demeanour, which is exactly what we asked for, and what was best for this building. Every person in the office I dealt with was helpful, reasonable and professional. This should not be that unusual to find in companies, but it is. Really happy we decided on Optimum for this project.

Mandy Yeomans Optimum Security Vancouver
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Great service. Professional and always answered when we called.

Abdul Safi Optimum Security Vancouver
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I first had an issue with this company, but the owner of the company called me and had a nice conversation. The misunderstanding was cleared. I am happy with this company and would like to award them five stars.

S wa Optimum Security Vancouver
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Great company to deal with, extremely fast service (35) minutes, on a last minute call out. Received follow up from them to confirm all was ok, great communication, very friendly staff, could not do enough to help you out. Will definitely use again if needed.

Ann Park Optimum Security Vancouver

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