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Special Event Security Services in Canada

Partner with Optimum Security for your next event. Whether it’s a large conference, pop-up retail event, music and film festival, or long-awaited sports match, our security professionals can help ensure the success of your event, starting with guest and premises safety.

Leading Event Security Services in Vancouver

At Optimum Security, your safety is our priority. Our experienced, highly trained, and well-equipped security personnel provide professional crowd control and equipment protection services to ensure the success of your event.

Our presence at your event — no matter how large or intimate, and its duration — ensures the safety of guests and staff, and security of equipment and the premises. This security guarantee is backed by extensive preparation through threat identification and analysis, scenario mapping, premises inspection, and early security equipment setup. Thus, our security personnel can remain incognito and avoid interfering with the guest experience.

Scalable Crowd Control and Venue Security

Our event-based security services are tailored to the type, expected reach, and physical safety requirements of various events. We can easily scale the number of security personnel and premises coverage according to the expected crowd draw and venue location. We’ll cover every entrance and exit, and station security personnel at accessible locations to provide expert crowd control and fast emergency response and prevention.

Risk Management and Emergency Prevention

The safety of your event is our guarantee — and best measure for success. Our security personnel are professional, friendly, capable of assessing threats and controlling guest and event staff access as required. We work in the background by conducting location and threat analysis and deploying security personnel to cover the grounds to avoid interfering with your event.

The Optimum Security Event Guarantee

  • Crowd control and order: trust our security professionals to manage large crowds and provide access control to ensure orderly entrance and exit, and utmost safety.
  • Health and safety: our security personnel are highly trained to respond to any emergency by assessing the situation, maintaining crowd control, and evacuating the premises as necessary in the safest and most efficient manner to minimize losses.
  • Security for any event: at Optimum Security, we believe that every event needs to be secure and safe for guests and staff. That way, you can maximize your expected ROI. You can count on us to provide expert security so that you can focus on the guest experience.

Are you planning an event? Speak with our security experts today about crowd control and premises safety tailored to your event and location.

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