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Labour Dispute & Crisis Management Security Services in Canada

During a labour dispute or other workplace crisis, your organization needs to respond from a position of absolute readiness to ensure that all parties involved know the direction you’re headed. Moreover, it is critical that you develop a strike contingency plan before crisis strikes so you have some leverage during negotiations.


Labour disputes are considered to be among the most perilous risk concerns facing businesses today. Although many employers are concerned with the effect of a strike on the reputation of the organization, the disruption of normal business operations is still a primary concern.

Our strike security services address a range of extreme and rather delicate situations. Our labour disruption experts are constantly upgrading their tactics to reduce risks to the company’s resources, including personnel, equipment and brand. Our services include:

  • Workplace non-violence awareness
  • Damage and sabotage prevention
  • Access control and security zone supervision
  • Crisis management assessment and planning
  • Employee protection and facility safety
  • Comprehensive management of the labour dispute
  • Liaison with police services
  • Legal proceedings support
  • Post-crisis support

Optimum Security expert consultants have a reputation for professionalism in dealing with labour relations and employee rights. We work alongside the client’s management team to come up with a contingency plan that will help reduce the threats associated with workforce unrest and facilitate business continuity operations as part of your security strategy.


A strike contingency plan is a comprehensive process that will safeguard your business in the event of a dispute. Having a plan on standby instills confidence in your business partners and clients as it provides them with a sense of certainty that you will maintain operations and continue serving their needs irrespective of the outcome of the negotiations with the union.

There are usually indicators of labour disputes before they occur, such as threats of a strike if a certain condition is not met. In the event of a strike, picketing is likely to occur. If picketing does occur, labour violence may result from workers crossing the picket line. Careful planning allows management to be prevent these potential escalations if possible, and respond appropriately at every stage of the crisis process.

We help our clients prepare for a crisis by:

  1. Forming a crisis management team

    The team usually includes the company CEO or his or her representative, a financial officer, the company legal counsel, the public relations manager, the security lead, and the human resources manager, among others, and is generally includes up to ten members.

  2. Developing worst case scenarios

    The work of the crisis management team is to develop worst case scenarios and model appropriate responses, so they can be prepared to act proactively to handle the crisis in the best way possible.

  3. Defining standard operating procedures prior to the crisis

    Labour disputes usually step from a stroke. The crisis management plan should prepare for this by hiring security guards, finding replacement workers, etc.

Our key areas of action plans are:

  • Protecting executive personnel and their loved ones
  • Formulating a communication plan
  • Controlling access to premises
  • Ensuring the security of your perimeters through supervision of security zones
  • Daily data collection, analysis, and reporting


Our security experts work alongside the client’s executives to create a contingency plan to minimize threats arising from labour disputes. But in the event of an unavoidable labour dispute, Optimum Security will implement a customized action plan to manage the situation with due consideration of employee needs and rights. Our highly trained operatives defuse or reduce the possibilities of confrontation, ensuring that all persons, equipment, and buildings are protected.

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