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Mobile Patrol Security Services in Canada

Mobile PatrolMobile Patrol security services act as a deterrent against potential thieves and vandals on the very premises being patrolled. Whether patrolling a neighbourhood or a commercial zone, Optimum Security provides marked vehicles and trained patrol officers who are reliable, vigilant, fast with response, and inspect your property as often as your needs dictate. Optimum Security mobile patrol officers will inspect building premises, fence perimeters, office areas, common areas, and the doors and windows of your business or residence.


Throughout Vancouver, Surrey and the entire Lower Mainland, our mobile patrol service is offered 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Our experienced mobile drivers operate reliable patrol vehicles that are all equipped with GPS tracking. Our response times are among the best in the security industry, and our emergency call centre is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, at your service.


Optimum Security highly-trained mobile personnel can help you prevent, deter and detect vandalism, theft and other threats to the safety and security of your property and staff. Mobile patrols can provide a cost-effective alternative to having an on-site security guard outside of business hours. Whatever your size, mobile services are a smart, cost-effective security solution.

You need your doors locked, your windows checked, your facilities inspected, and any alarms responded to. Mobile services can take care of your needs and provide a quick response while reducing your costs and improving your security program at facilities where a static guard is not a viable solution.


Our mobile personnel will arrive at your site and will respond, day or night in a highly visible, fully marked vehicle and undertake a full security patrol of your premises at agreed frequencies checking for damage or intrusion. This service includes taking preventative security measures, such as locking unsecured windows and doors and preventing potential damage to property by checking for fire and flood hazards.

Our security patrol services include:

Security patrol services

  • Alarm/emergency response

  • Interior and exterior inspections

  • Location-specific area patrols

  • Regular or random patrols

  • 24/7 national customer service centre

  • State-of-the-art technologies

  • Key-holding


Each of our Mobile Patrol clients has the option to receive detailed emails of the patrolling times, as well as the duration the mobile unit stayed at your premise. With Optimum Security’s system you can verify and be rest assured that you are getting the complete services you are paying for.


Optimum Security’s Mobile Patrol unit can lock and unlock the gates and doors of business parks, industrial parks, shopping centers, construction sites as well as truck yards at the specified time requested by the client.

During these procedures our officers will do a site patrol. According to customer specifications our security officers conduct facility opening and closing procedures. This includes securing common areas of communities, alarm management, standby, and interior/exterior inspections.


Mobile patrolling from Optimum Security for parking lots is a very strong deterrent against potential problems at your site.

If our Mobile Patrol units find anything out of the ordinary while at your location, our security professionals will have a prompt response to the situation based on agreed standard operating procedures while ensuring parking rules and regulations are enforced.


Our Mobile Patrol and Alarm Response teams perform daily routine patrols for clients and respond to emergency alarms. In the case of an alarm once on site, the Optimum Security mobile supervisor will patrol the residence or business.

These highly trained mobile security supervisors will take further action depending on the nature of the alarm and of their findings. Upon safe resolution of the situation you will receive a complete incident report, which includes the results of our on-site investigation.

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