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Public Safety Security Services in Canada

Many are the times when you need to provide security without necessarily making the clients or people being protected feel intimidated. When it comes to public safety, we believe that an unarmed security guard can sufficiently provide both an inviting atmosphere for patrons and a firm reminder for those with unlawful intentions. Optimum Security provides public safety security officers to such venues as universities, shopping malls, industrial parks, museums, parking lots, churches, office buildings, and more.


A security officer license is required to show that the guard is trained and familiar with the law enforcement standards and the institution and agency policies. We understand that public safety security guards are responsible for the enforcement of criminal laws, traffic and parking regulations in different settings.

This is why our unarmed security officers undergo additional training so they can deal courteously with the public, identify potential threats, carry out effective patrols and emergency procedures, exercise a high level of professionalism, communicate effectively with clients and members of the public, and much more.

Our public safety security guards are trained to learn continually on the job so they can adapt faster to the unique needs and personality of the facility. In so doing, they are able to position themselves as an integral part of your security, and even more importantly, an invaluable asset to your public relations.

The rigorous training that our officers go through makes them capable of identifying and dissolving potential threats before members of the public are even aware of their existence. The process of delivering only the best begins with our painstaking screening of applications.


The safety and security of your employees, visitors and property directly affects your daily operations. We provide unarmed and licensed security officers to environments that require constant monitoring, but where the presence of armed officers may cause undue distress.

Unarmed security services are critical to securing different public spaces while providing assistance where it is needed. You can expect the public safety security officer to:

  • Patrol the premises and report to the local authorities in the event of any criminal activity
  • Enforce traffic laws and assign citations
  • Enforce regulations in the designated area
  • Restrain violators who become violent
  • Assist the police with crowd control
  • Conduct investigations of accidents, crimes, and report incidents to the authorities
  • Write incident reports
  • Respond to calls for assistance and alarms
  • Monitor security, inspect security systems, and maintain fire extinguishers
  • Provide basic first aid and emergency service, including CPR


Just because there are no armed guards does not mean that crimes cannot be deterred or prevented. On the contrary, our public safety officers are at the core of your security strategy, coordinating activities between law enforcement agencies, emergency medical response teams, fire departments, and environmental response units, while also being helpful members of the public, providing assistance and escorting clients and guests when need be.

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