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Business Security Alarm Systems in Canada

Optimum Security offers business security systems and technology integration in different industries, creating one point of contact for all your security needs in the commercial, industrial or corporate environment. Our primary objective is to give our clients the freedom and confidence to focus on their core business, while our security experts focus on keeping you, your employees and your work environment secure.

We understand that a modern commercial security system requires a lot more than locked doors and cameras. That is why our commercial security systems are all-encompassing, covering all areas of your business and giving you the peace of mind to focus on your operations. We combine our security guard service with customizable alarm and automation solutions that will adequately tackle your security needs.

Optimum Security’s Business Security Systems

Our business security systems include:

  1. Access Control


    Access control systems are ideal for businesses looking for an automated way to let authorized personnel in, while keeping everyone else out. This can be achieved through electronic regulation of doors and elevators. These systems can be customized to allow corporations to have complete control over persons permitted to enter or leave the building or premises.

    Security managers also have access to records of everyone who has passed through a specific entrance on a LAN/WAN or via a web browser. The same technology can be used to lock down an entire building or section of the building with the click of a button in the event of a threat, or give access remotely for a delivery.

  2. Security Alarms


    We provide robust alarm systems that secure your valuable resources, including information and equipment, in the event of an intrusion. Our security alarm systems give you remote access and control over critical features, including opening/closing security reports and arming/disarming the alarm system, from your mobile device.

  3. Video Surveillance


    We provide our clients with an integrated security system that includes a well designed, state-of-the-art digital video surveillance system. Our unique systems allow you to monitor your premises remotely, via any web browser or mobile device, so you can always access a live-feed of your operations when you need to.

  4. Fire Detection


    We provide our clients with UL listed commercial fire control systems to raise the alarm in the event of a fire and keep it under control. Our range of services includes fire alarm installations for new buildings and upgrades for existing fire alarm systems, as well as annual fire alarm system testing and inspection.

  5. Interactive monitoring


    Our interactive monitoring systems allow us to monitor your premises through after-hours scheduled surveillance or motion detection remotely. This system can be used in combination with our security guard patrol service so we always have eyes on your establishment.

    This system is especially useful as it allows for the accurate assessment of situations that raise alarms to ensure that the appropriate authorities are dispatched and avoid false alarm charges. It can also be used to alert the guards on duty of any suspicious activities at your premises via two-way audio communication systems.


Our personalized technology services provide our patrons with reliable security systems that are expertly integrated in your environment. Our highly trained and proficient team will arrange every step of the process, from the environment inspection to system design and installation to ongoing maintenance and future upgrades.

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