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Road Traffic Control & Management Services in Canada

You may need the professional services of a traffic management company to direct and protect both pedestrians and vehicles to maintain public safety in unusual traffic situations. Professional traffic management officers are necessary to help coordinate and regulate the movement of people and vehicles.

Optimum Security can design a personalized, effective and safe traffic management system to address your unique needs. We provide a wide range of professional road traffic management services, including:

  • Traffic assessment
  • Traffic flow analysis and road closure plans
  • Management of junctions
  • Spacing layouts
  • Traffic control
  • Traffic signs
  • Traffic and diversion plans
  • Traffic management
  • Accredited traffic controllers
  • Risk management

We have highly trained, certified and experienced traffic officers who have the necessary equipment to control traffic and provide a safe and efficient environment for all concerned. We offer traffic plans, assessment, management, and control solutions for construction sites, road maintenance, civil works, infrastructure, road shows and expos, forestry works, filming, special events, public works, landscaping works, highway construction, residential construction, concerts, and essential services, among others.


We are licensed to supply roadside signage, as well as traffic control systems, to clients that require the services of professional traffic management companies. Our clients also include planning regulators and road and highway authorities looking to ensure that their event or site complies with the relevant regulations. Clients can opt for our automatic light systems or manned traffic control to manage vehicle movement, cut down queueing times, and ensure the safe arrival and departure of personnel and guests.

There are many reasons why you may need the services of traffic control security guards. For instance, our experienced traffic management team can help control movement to your event, organizing everything from route planning and road closures to sign design and diversions to car park layouts.

During special events, members of our team are assigned to different temporary parking locations to facilitate traffic flow and provide vehicle security. Our uniformed parking agents provide visible guidance and peace of mind to motorists by assuring them that their vehicles will be safe. Our operatives conduct site surveys, plan for open field sites, select favourable access and exit routes, and involve the client in collaborative efforts with different agencies to accommodate their traffic requirements.

In the event of an emergency involving an injury or other health concern, our professional traffic control officer can quickly implement a plan to redirect other vehicles to allow ambulance access to the injured parties.

We help our clients in every way possible, including informing local authorities about events and possible traffic situations, briefing and preparing you for meetings with local authorities, or even representing you in those meetings.


Optimum Security offers comprehensive traffic management solutions in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. We employ a highly versatile approach that allows us to cater to all kinds of traffic management requirements.

We have learnt and perfected various traffic control tactics through our extensive experience in the industry. This allows us to maximize the safety and satisfaction of your guests and personnel. Contact us to find out more about supplying traffic controllers or event management crews to your site.

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