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Optimum Security provides residents and business owners in Toronto with highly-trained, effective security guards and 24/7 mobile patrol to secure their property, assets and residents. Our reputation for commercial and home security in Toronto has been built on our ability to provide full client satisfaction.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best security services that meet your needs. We work diligently to provide Toronto home and business owners with the highest level of protection and security, and are fully equipped to deter crime and respond to emergency situations. Additionally, we work directly with local law enforcement to ensure the safety of our clients.


In 2015, Toronto was ranked as the fifth safest major city in the world and the safest major city in North America by The Economist. However, crime is still highly present throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Within the first few months of 2016, police reported that gun homicides had risen by 200%. As well, organized crime has had a long-standing presence in the city.

For many home and business owners, theft, break and enters and other crimes that take place in Toronto pose a serious threat. Our highly trained security guards and 24/7 mobile patrol security help keep you, your family or staff, and your property safe. Toronto residents rely on us to provide effective security solutions and we deliver every time.


Our security guards and mobile patrol team are professional and physically fit to handle any emergency situation. At Optimum Security, security guards are trained in our academy programs to ensure they can provide reliable, 24/7 protection. We ensure our Toronto clients receive world-class protection for their on-site security needs. We also provide special event security, short term guarding and fire watch.

Alternatively, our 24/7 mobile patrol security services monitor your property or zone in marked vehicles equipped with GPS tracking. Our mobile security team offer a cost-effective solution to home or business owners who choose to not have an on-site security guard.

Our team provides quick-responses to any threat or emergency situation that may occur, as well as providing preventative measure to keep your property safe.


Highly visible security measures are proven to deter criminals. Our customized security solutions not only prevent crime, but intervene when emergency situations occur to protect you, your family or staff, and your property. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients receive full-service security guards and 24/7 mobile patrol to prevent and address any threat to your safety. Our team is experienced and prepared to service your home or business, align with your company culture, and offer excellent security and interpersonal skills.

If you’re looking for security guards for 24/7 mobile patrol for your home or business, contact our expert team at Optimum Security today. We provide our Toronto clients with long term support and specialized security solutions.

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