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Security Training Programs in Canada

Security Training in Vancouver

Work with the most qualified and capable security personnel in Vancouver. Wear your uniform with pride — as a symbol of customer and employee safety, and a guarantee of business productivity and stability in the face of the most common threats in commercial and residential settings.

Learn Basic Security with Optimum

At Optimum Security, we’re proud to support the learning and training of both new and current security professionals according to the latest industry standards and client safety protocols.

Our mission is to help you learn how to save and protect business personnel and customers from some of the most common threats of crime and disaster. We take pride in helping you develop skills for threat identification, assessment, and management so that you can become one of the most skilled and reliable security professionals in the field.

Successfully completing the Optimum Security Training Program prepares you for deployment in various commercial and residential locations, such as retail stores, office buildings, warehouses, and additional concierge services in condominiums, apartments, and hotels. Train with us today to become one of the most sought-after security professionals in Vancouver.


Going above and beyond the requirements set out by the Ministry of Public Safety and Security, this is a comprehensive introduction / re-introduction to the Security field including First Aid/CPR/WHMIS – Mandatory for all new hires


Involves recognizing and understanding customer expectations and candidly trying to provide the highest standards of service – to the brink of exceeding expectations.


Following our Orientation/Introduction all of our officers will receive complete onsite training on a regular basis, this includes but is limited to Site Policies/Procedures, Post Orders, Access Control, Patrols, and Emergency contacts and procedures – Mandatory for all new permanent placements.


For each and Every staff Member involved we implement a standard Quality Improvement Process – We are confident that with the proper Education we will receive commitment; commitment to being part of a quality organization and the approach of an Error Free Service.


Ensures an effective partnership between Optimum Security and the client, always remembering that they act as a representative of Optimum Security. Being able to balance the needs and wants of their officers with the operational requirements of the client and Optimum Security.


A program designed to obtain professionalism and develop team building with regards to the Security Officer – demonstrating the tools necessary to stay on track and/or get back on track.


Recognizing the need for specialized expertise, this course involves real world experimental training – Continuously developing and focusing on exceptional service delivery.


is Federally Recognized by the Canadian Government as a Professional Designation, which is designed to conform to the requirements set by the Canadian General Standards Board. – Teaches that being a Security Officer isn’t a job anymore, it’s a Profession.


The Security Services Act was brought into force with the Security Services Regulation on September 1, 2008. The Security Services Act enhances public safety by ensuring consistent and appropriate standards across the security industry. All types of security businesses and security workers are required to hold a valid Security Business or Security Worker License under the terms set out by the new act, its regulations, and license conditions.


Under Regulation 3 of the SSA, security professionals are required to complete mandatory training prior to eligibility for Provincial licensing.

We would be glad to provide more information about our Vancouver Security Training Program. Please contact our team for full details.

BST Compliance

At Optimum Security, our security training program guarantees compliance with the British Columbia’s Justice Department BST guidelines. This Basic Security Training (BST) protocol is outlined under Regulation 3 of the Security Services Act and mandates security professionals to complete mandatory training to become eligible for Provincial licensing.

Become BST Certified Today

  • For aspiring security professionals 19 years of age or older
  • Only takes 40 hours to complete
  • Qualify for a Provincial Security Worker License
  • Use this certification to provide security services in a range of highly regulated and in-demand industries.

Prepare for BST Assessment

Upon completing 40 hours of mandatory training, Optimum Security will help arrange for your assessment to earn your Certificate of Training Completion. Achieve 60% or higher to become a certified security professional licensed to work in a range of industries. Our security professionals are trained to excel in key test areas and service standards:

  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Legal studies on statutes applicable to security services and specific industry requirements
  • Report writing
  • Personal safety.

Security Guard Basic Training: Skills on the Job

At Optimum Security, we take your security service education and training to the next level. Our security training program is a comprehensive skills-building module that won’t just help you test well and earn your Provincial license and certification — we equip you with the necessary skills to take to every job.

Learn from the most qualified and capable security professionals with years of valuable industry experience, so you’ll get a feel of what it’s like on the job, and constantly improve both your security services knowledge and performance, and professional and personal conduct:

  • Proper communication protocols and report writing skills
  • Site inspection and mobile patrols
  • Access control and hardware locking protocols
  • Emergency procedures and assistance
  • Protocols for apprehending trespassers and arrests, and necessary or acceptable uses of force
  • Crime scene preservation for turnover to local law enforcement
  • Understanding the Criminal Code of Canada.

At Optimum Security, we’re here to help you become the best security professional in Vancouver. Learn valuable skills in threat identification and assessment and personal safety for the job — and beyond. Sign up for our Security Training Program today to start a fulfilling career in security services.

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