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Why You Shouldn’t Go DIY with Home Security

Why You Shouldn’t Go DIY with Home Security

With the advances in digital home security systems, it has become easier to monitor your home than ever. When you consider that across Canada, a burglary occurs every 18 seconds, that puts your family and home at risk. In fact, that’s almost 200 break-ins per hour and 4,800 break-ins every day.

Break-Ins Across Canada

Ontario heads up the country’s highest count of break-ins at 42,218 incidents in 2017 alone. A close second is Alberta at 30,746. Across the rest of the country:

  • Quebec, 30,304
  • British Columbia 26,529
  • Saskatchewan 9,768
  • Manitoba 9,650
  • New Brunswick 3,634
  • Nova Scotia 2,784
  • Newfoundland and Labrador 2,137
  • Nunavut 583
  • Northwest Territories 457
  • Prince Edward Island 338
  • Yukon 188

What You Should Know About Burglars

If you don’t think you need a professionally installed security system, think again. Burglars tend to avoid homes that are very clearly armed with a security system. Most burglaries take place while your family is away from home - usually between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm - which means having a professional security system that allows you to monitor your home is a good idea.

Why You Need Professional Security Systems

Most burglaries are committed by people who live in your area. It takes them less than 10 minutes to break in, steal what they want and leave. Close to 30% of burglaries are made through an unlocked door or window. A system that allows you to lock your door remotely is a must since 35% of those burglaries are through the front door.


DIY versus Professional

Considering that the average loss resulting from burglary is $2,251, professional protection makes good sense. A professional system provides:

  • Remote access to your home
  • A security team monitors your home
  • You can monitor your home to reduce energy consumption
  • You are notified if there is a fire or gas problem
  • You can get medical assistance in case of emergency

How to Choose the Best Security System

If you do decide to go the professional route, avoid contracts that require you to sign on for more than one year. There are many things to consider for your CCTV security systems Vancouver offers, including:

  • Type of home alarm monitoring system Vancouver homeowners prefer
  • Technology and home automation capabilities
  • Customer experience and support
  • Home security system package options
  • Security system costs
  • Reputable security system brands
  • All the costs including monthly monitoring fees

DIY the Less Dependable Option

Although it is tempting to choose a DIY security system because it saves you money, in the long run, it is not the best choice. Some issues with DIY systems include:

  • You have to troubleshoot the technical problems
  • You can experience comprised camera quality
  • It takes more of your time
  • You might not be taking full advantage of all features because you don’t know how to operate it properly
  • You are responsible for monitoring on your own
  • Warranties can be dicey

As you can see, when it comes to home security, you really want the professionals to handle it for you. Your home and family will be safer, and it will also provide peace of mind.

For more information on our professional security services that Vancouver homeowners depend on, click here.

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