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Nelson Security Company

Residential and Commercial Security Guard Services in Nelson

Custom Security Solutions in Nelson

At Optimum Security, we specialize in complete professional security services tailored to your needs and budget. Our security experts will assign on-site security for inspections, patrols, security system monitoring, and emergency response. Trust our security professionals to secure your investment 24/7, and scale these security solutions according to your exact safety requirements.

Security Guard Services in Nelson

  • On-site security: we assign professional security guards to secure the premises, monitor and assess threats, provide concierge services, regulate building access, prevent losses from emergencies, and report on the latest security developments affecting your commercial or residential property.
  • Special events security: book our short-term security services for crowd control and venue safety in high-visibility and high-public interaction settings like conferences, product launches, and other corporate functions, as well as concerts, festivals, and entertainment events.
  • Audit and risk assessment: our security professionals will conduct periodic threat and risk assessment to determine emerging vulnerabilities on your property.

Mobile Patrol Security Services in Nelson

Our on-site security guards will regularly inspect and patrol the site with clearly marked patrol cars to detect the first sign of a break-in, fire, equipment damage, and other emergencies. Our patrol vehicles are all equipped with GPS tracking, and our patrol officers are all expertly trained with reliable vehicles.

Mobile patrol is a cost-effective alternative, compared to having an on-site security guard outside of business hours always on guard. Whatever your size of business in Nelson, mobile patrol services are a smart, cost-effective security solution.

Security Services for Industries in Nelson

Optimum Security is dedicated to protecting and supporting the growth of a wide range of industries and businesses in Nelson. Find security solutions tailored to your industry, and protect your office or home with on-site security personnel:

  • Hospitals, rehabilitation or wellness centres, and other healthcare facilities
  • Malls and individual retail outlets
  • Airports and seaports
  • Museums, jewelry stores, and other high-value locations
  • Hotels and concierge services
  • Condo buildings, apartments, and private homes
  • Offices, warehouses, parking facilities, truck yards, construction sites, and other commercial and industrial companies
  • Schools, libraries, and other public spaces
  • Banks, brokerages, and financial institutions.

Backed by years of industry experience and unique knowledge of crime rate, risks, and other local information, Optimum Security is Nelson’s fastest-growing security company. Book a free consultation with our security experts to learn about on-site security guards for homes and offices.

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