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Access Control Security Systems in Canada

Trusted by thousands of customers in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, Optimum Security offers comprehensive physical-access control solutions to secure your assets, facilities, buildings, and any designated high-security areas through the authorization or revocation of access rights to different persons.

Having our access-control security officers at your premises ensures that only permitted personnel, vehicles, and materials can enter, leave or move within the facility. This provides a sense of safety for all personnel, clients and visitors, while protecting the facility and property within it.

Access Control Mechanisms

Our access control officers are trained to stop criminal activity in four ways:

  1. Detection

    Any professional security guard should be able to detect crimes or criminal intent. When our officers are designated to your premises, their first task is to identify any loopholes in your security system that may be exploited by criminals. From there, your Optimum Security access-control guard can tailor a personalized security plan that covers all areas of your premises. The security guards on duty will then put their training into action by detecting and preventing from entering any people, vehicles or materials with the potential of causing problems.

  2. Deterrence

    The presence of our professional and highly trained security guards is usually enough to deter potential criminals. This is one of the reasons why we recommend our uniformed security officers. The more visible your security, the less likely that a premises being guarded will be targeted.

    Some of our clients have concerns that having a highly visible guard will work against them, since they can be easily marked and targeted before an invasion. We have addressed these concerns in two ways: first, our security officers maintain an irregular shift schedule to make it hard to predict when the changeover will be, and second, we provide the option to hire uniformed and plainclothes officers to man your access points so they are harder to spot.

  3. Observation

    Our security officers are trained to stay sharp and alert so they can identify any irregularities in a timely manner. When you hire our services, our guards quickly familiarize themselves with the activity forms in your facility to optimize operations and stop fraudulent acts.

    Whether you have vehicle identification decals or electronic gate keypad systems, our security officers come in to complement whatever strategy is in place, directing guests, controlling deliveries and discouraging potential unauthorized entry.

  4. Reporting

    In addition to performing the duties mentioned above, our access-control security guards are trained to document every activity, and take the necessary action as each situation demands. The security officers can report any incidents to the relevant authorities, such as an emergency service or the police, as well as notify the client. Only a trained access-control officer can know how to properly document a situation, record all the key details, and correctly fill out an incident report.


By the mere presence of our access-control security officers, and the professional performance of their duties, you can successfully deter, detect and detain potential invaders. People with criminal intent typically avoid areas and facilities that have professional security guards on site.

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