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on 26 April 2022

Retail And Shopping Mall Security

Retail And Shopping Mall Security

A Guide to Retail and Shopping Mall Security 

Providing adequate and effective security to shopping malls in Vancouver is no easy feat and requires the best of the best in order to ensure maximum safety on the premises. At the same time, retail and shopping mall security is quite different from basic security services in providing parking facilities and residential buildings. 

Shopping mall personnel must perform the challenging task of managing customers’ traffic in the entire mall while also ensuring the shoppers have a satisfactory experience while shopping in the mall. That is why it is of the utmost importance to hire dependable security guards in Vancouver who focus on providing the best customer service from a reputable and professional security company in Vancouver. 

Common Security Risks Faced by Shopping Malls 

There are many different types of security threats and vulnerabilities faced by shopping malls simply because they are extensive public areas where many people gather daily. Therefore it is important to identify these threats when choosing the best retail and shopping mall security in Vancouver. Below are some of the most common risks that your security team needs to focus on when providing retail and shopping mall security services. 

  • Vandalism 

Vandalism is one of the costly threats faced by shopping malls, no matter how big or small they are, and it can cause an enormous loss to both property and sales. Due to the large number of local and international visitors that come to shopping malls, it is quite difficult to keep track of everyone to avoid situations such as vandalism. However, hiring a professional and experienced retail and shopping mall security team in Vancouver can definitely avoid such situations. 

  • Theft 

Theft is definitely the most common and bothersome security threat shopping malls face. It is an issue that every store or showroom owner would always want to avoid at all costs. Therefore malls must make sure it is given priority when providing security services at shopping malls. Since these are public spaces and accommodate large crowds, it is challenging to survey the entire mall every hour and minute of the day. 

Additionally, retail spaces like shopping malls often display and contain expensive and valuable goods, making them more prone to theft. In order to keep the shopping mall safe from shoplifters, a well-planned and technical security strategy is necessary, along with the right team, equipment and technology. 

  • Unauthorized Entry 

Large shopping malls always consist of more than one main entrance. There are usually entrance 1, entrance two and more, and entry points for delivery of goods, parking entrances, emergency exits and much more. Therefore, it is very challenging yet extremely important to provide thorough and constant security surveillance to all these entrances and exits to stop any form of unauthorized entry that can put the people and property within the mall in danger. 

In order to provide the best retail and shopping mall security in Vancouver to counter this threat, it is important to hire responsible security guards who are well equipped and trained to provide reliable services. 

  • Emergency Situations 

Although emergency situations like fires, terrorist attacks or natural disasters are not so common at shopping malls in Vancouver, the security team must still be prepared for any form of unexpected problems at all times. 

A mall’s security team must always put the safety of the customers, employees and any other visitors first. Therefore, it is important always to be alert for emergencies. It is also absolutely necessary for malls to have proper emergency exits and a 24-hour emergency security hotline to communicate easily during such situations. 

  • Vehicle-related Crimes 

The systematic arrangement of parking and the proper monitoring of these parking facilities is essential for all shopping malls in Vancouver. Since most malls consist of external or underground parking areas, many security threats need to be addressed by the security team. 

Parking spaces can be dangerous due to theft, vandalism, mugging, and similar risks that visitors can face. Since parking areas are sometimes lonely and apart from the busy section of the mall, the retail and shopping mall security services must cover full surveillance of it at all times. 

  • Altercations 

Altercations can occur among the visitors to shopping malls in Vancouver due to many people and crowds. Especially during large and popular sales, such as the Black Friday Sales, there can be huge crowds and situations where customers can get into disagreements or fights. 

The security team must be experienced in handling such situations in the best and most peaceful way in order to prevent them from escalating, as well as ensure the security and comfort of the other customers and employees on the premises. Usually, having Vancouver security guards patrols on busy days can solve this issue. 

  • Lost Kids 

Like any other shopping mall, kids tend to lose their way quite often at shopping malls in Vancouver as well. This is a common occurrence because of the large crowds and all the exciting places, games and events that distract the kids and make them wander off. Therefore, each security team member must know the proper protocol to handle this issue and make sure the kids are safe with their families in no time. 

Retail And Shopping Mall Security Service

Hire A Professional Retail And Shopping Mall Security Service

These common issues that take place at shopping malls in Vancouver show us that it is extremely important to hire a security team who is well experienced and knows the proper protocols for providing Vancouver security services during different situations. The access to control systems and surveillance cameras, trained security guards, security team patrols and similar measures should also be implemented perfectly.

Therefore, when hiring retail and shopping mall security services in Vancouver, make sure to choose the best of the best with the right skills!