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on 10 December 2021

8 Ways to Prepare for a Staff Strike: Plan and Procedure

When employees want changes to occur, going on strike is a powerful way to send a message to their employer. However, going on strike isn’t as easy as it seems. It takes careful planning, and you need to budget carefully in order for the strike... Read More

on 22 November 2021

Retail Theft and the Holiday Rush: Secure Your Business

Are you getting ready for the holiday season at your retail operation? The festive season is the time of the year when stores are full of eager shoppers ready to score great deals during this busy time. Although the rush of customers is... Read More

on 8 November 2021

10 Reasons Why Alarm Monitoring Is Important

As a business owner or homeowner, choosing the right alarm monitoring system can be a daunting task. Professional security in Vancouver is becoming more prevalent in different neighbourhoods, as rising crime in the city increases the need for... Read More

on 20 October 2021

7 Reasons Crowd Control Is Important at Events

As concerts, nightclubs and outdoor events start up again, the need for crowd control is essential. Now that we have social distancing rules in place, people who congregate in one place for an event, sometimes need some friendly reminders to... Read More

on 18 October 2021

The 7 Benefits of Mobile Patrol Security

Operating a successful business is a big responsibility that comes with huge rewards. However, potential criminal activity can occur at any moment and you can never be sure when your business can become a target. Even though having a security... Read More

on 20 September 2021

Back to School: 15 Ways Campus Security Can Help Students

It’s every parent’s dream to see their kids go off to college or university to pursue their higher education. However, one of the major concerns that every parent has is campus safety. The good news is that every college and university has... Read More

on 9 August 2021

10 Ways to Strengthen the Physical Security of Your Business

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words business security? Even though running your own business gives you a lot of freedom to be your own boss, every day you are faced with challenges surrounding the security of your... Read More

on 5 July 2021

5 Helpful Tips for Hiring a Security Guard for Your Construction Site

Construction sites are vulnerable spaces where burglars and vandals can break in and destroy property or steal materials. Read More

on 7 June 2021

What Does a Fire Watch Security Guard Do?

A fire watch security guard is always doing double duty. Their primary role is to be a security guard, while their second duty is to protect people and establishments from unwanted fires.  Unlike a regular security guard who... Read More

on 24 May 2021

20 Essential Services Security Guards Provide to Businesses

Everywhere you go you might notice there is a security guard standing by. The main reason why security guards seem to be at every establishment you go to, is that they are there to protect the general public and act as a kind of secondary... Read More