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Whether you need residential or commercial security or have special concerns, Optimum Security in Delta stands ready to supply all of your security needs. Our security officers all undergo our rigorous training program equipping them to handle all of your security concerns. And, being headquartered right here in Delta we are able to maintain a very good working relationship with local law enforcement.

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All of Optimum Security’s Delta security guards are trained to protect your property, assets and yourself. Our uniformed security guards provide a highly visible deterrent to crime and mischief. They will protect your property through a combined system of direct observation, mobile patrols and the monitoring of alarm and video surveillance systems. Optimum Security’s security personnel are very professional and undergo a meticulous training and education process. If they detect a crime, fire or disorder of any type they will take the appropriate action and notify you and the local authorities of any incidents that occur. The security and full satisfaction of our clients are our number one concerns. We strive, every day to deliver the very best security services available to our Delta clients.


Optimum Security can supply all of your alarm system needs in the Delta area. Both our residential and commercial alarm systems do more than simply protect your property from unwanted intrusions. They also detect other threats such as smoke, fire, high carbon monoxide levels, flood, and water damage as well as extreme temperatures and with the handy hands-free, two-way communication systems built into our alarm systems, they allow you to directly notify our monitoring center personnel in case of an emergency. Optimum Security also can supply uniformed security officers to provide a visible deterrent to bad behavior when you’re away.

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