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Optimum Security specializes in the delivery of security guards and mobile patrol security for homes and businesses throughout Vancouver, BC.

We pride ourselves on the delivery of personal and prompt service, driven by our superior training, technical expertise, and unbeatable service. With our combined decades of experience in the industry, we can offer you impartial advice on the most ideal security system for your needs.


Security Company Vancouver


The City of Vancouver has a massive population of 603,502 according to the 2011 census. Though it is the eighth largest municipality in Canada, Vancouver has one of all Canadian cities’ highest property crime rates. Despite decreasing crime rates in B.C. and across the country, Vancouver continues to register high crime rates including theft from auto, mischief, and shoplifting, as well as drug possession and assault.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that your family and your possessions are safe. We offer reliable, highly effective security solutions that protect you, your family and your property when in need. Even the mere sight of our security guards and mobile patrol security team can help deter criminals and invaders from entering your property, protecting you and your loved ones.

Furthermore, we keep our clients in Vancouver updated whenever an emergency arises in the designated areas.


At Optimum Security, we provide uniformed security guards at any time of the day or year. Whether your business requires short-term coverage for an event, for example, or for a fairly fast construction project, we have the experience and capacity to cover all your security needs. As well, we can offer long-term dedicated security staff for your facility or building.

In addition to the basic professional requirements that our corporate Vancouver client’s demand, we understand that the officer designated at your building must blend in with your team. So, we go above to ensure you get the right person for the job.

The right guard is handpicked and trained on-site-specific protocol that may include additional training such as: special access control procedures, high end customer service, parking area vehicle inventory, special fire panel programs, and so on.

Vancouver Security Services


As the leading security company Vancouver, We also offer 24/7 mobile patrol security. Our highly trained officers patrol your neighbourhood or zone in marked vehicles to ensure your property remains protected. Our mobile patrol security solution is a cost-effective alternative to an on-site security guard.


Our operations center will use GPS to determine the nearest available mobile security officer, and they will be dispatched to your location right away. Our guaranteed response times and large vehicle fleets ensure that any alarm or emergency is addressed promptly. Highly-trained agents provide dependable services that you can trust. If something suspicious appears while on patrol—such as a suspicious individual, noise, or odor—our mobile security officers will address it immediately.


In addition to our physical security solutions, we offer electronic security systems to further increase the protection of your property. We install, maintain, and monitor a variety of electronic security systems including:

Alarm Monitoring

CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Access Control Systems

Being a Security Company Vancouver, for a comprehensive security solution, we can integrate our physical and electronic security services. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is well-protected against any potential threats.


Loss Prevention Security Services Vancouver

Custom-Built Solutions

Loss prevention is not one-size-fits-all at Optimum Security. We conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of your company facilities and protocols, as well as your management team and operations. This loss prevention audit provides the framework for a customized solution to fit your specific requirements.

Integrated Security Model

Optimum has the most effective loss prevention program in the business for a variety of reasons.

We use an integrated security model that:

  1. Involves your staff in a collaborative loss prevention effort
  2. CCTV cameras, in particular, are a must-have for any modern business. CCTV Camera Pros recommends that you install security equipment to extend protection and ensure the safety of your employees.
  3. Minimizes interruption in the event of an emergency by following established procedures
  4. Conducts compliance checks to ensure that operations are efficient and effective.


We take pride in providing you with the most thorough, dependable, and professional event security services available to ensure that your guests are secure and well-cared for while you attend to other things. Our event security staff keep your visitors safe and comfortable while also ensuring that you can relax and enjoy yourself. Site risk assessment and identification may be carried out before the event to determine the responsibilities, tasks, and duties of security on the day. Risk evaluations identify any potential hazards at the site, including fire risks, biological threats, pathways of transmission, and the safety of event attendees.

All Optimum event security officers receive our industry-leading training and certification during their onboarding process. Optimum Security goes above and beyond to provide our officers with event-specific training, refresher training, and recertification. With Optimum Security, you can rest assured that your event will go off without a hitch.


Research shows that about 84 percent of intruders are deterred by visible security measures, making our security solutions a critical component of keeping your property safe. We pride ourselves in offering the residents and businesses of Vancouver with all the security solutions they need to keep their family, business, or property safe.

Optimum Security has the best resources for your security and safety needs. If you’re looking to partner with a security company in Vancouver that can truly address your unique needs and offer long-term support, Optimum Security is your best pick.


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