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on 7 January 2019

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Security Guard

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Security Guard

Security Guards in Canada

Many small businesses, restaurants, office buildings, and large commercial properties in Canada are turning to private security companies to handle their security needs. From video monitoring and alarm systems to mobile patrols and security guards, these independent companies offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is safe and protected. Not only can security guards help combat theft, violence, and criminal activity, but they can also assist in medical emergencies, fires, and other emergency situations.

Does your business need a security guard?

As businesses grow, their security needs increase. Security risks depend on a wide variety of factors, and will vary depending on the industry, location, amount of traffic, and the product or service you offer. If your business is vulnerable to dangerous or criminal activity, consider hiring a professional security guard to maintain the safety and security of your property. Here are a few signs that you may need a security guard:

  • There is crime in your neighbourhood

    If your business is located in an area with a high crime rate, you may want to explore security options. Beyond your personal losses due to theft in high crime rate areas, being located in these areas can also deter customers or clients from coming to your location. This will reduce your potential revenue and have an impact on the value of your community presence. If you have noticed consistent crime in the area or your location has a reputation for criminal activity, a security guard can help protect your customers, employees, and property.

  • Your business is suffering due to theft and shrinkage

    Should you find your business is suffering due to theft and shrinkage, a security guard can help minimize your losses and protect your property. Security guards are trained to deter and prevent theft from within your store; their very presence can reduce theft, as criminals often will move on, instead opting for a store with less security. Should they catch someone stealing your product, they can attempt to recover the item and hold the thief until the authorities arrive. Although security guards are an expense themselves, the amount of money they save you in shrinkage can be significantly more than their salary. In this way, you can save money while also improving the safety and security of your business.

  • There is too much traffic in the building

    For areas with a great amount of foot traffic, it can be very difficult to keep track of every individual in your building. This hectic atmosphere can make it easier for thieves to steal products and escape without notice. A security guard offers the protection and diligence necessary to keep your store safe. They can also keep track of who is entering the building, which is crucial for larger office buildings — especially in emergency situations. For warehouses, storage buildings, offices, and other areas with high foot traffic, a security guard can ensure that suspicious individuals can’t tamper with your property or enter the premises. They act as a gatekeeper and can minimize the risk of harm coming to your property, employees, or customers.

  • Your customers feel uneasy

    For commercial businesses who rely on in-store customers, hiring a security guard can make your customers feel more safe and comfortable. Especially in areas with higher crime rates, customers may not feel comfortable spending time in your store. This is also true of restaurants, malls, and bars. If you notice that your customers may not feel completely safe and comfortable in your store or parking lot, consider adding a security guard to your staff. This will help customers feel protected and secure, encouraging them to visit your establishment more frequently.

  • You are concerned about your liability or insurance plan

    Some commercial and industrial companies pay expensive liability insurance premiums on a monthly basis. This can be the result of many factors, including whether or not you serve alcohol, how much money is on hand at all times, what products you sell, and the location of the business. However, adding a security guard can potentially reduce your insurance premiums, saving you money each month. Security guards reduce the risk of theft, violence, and fire, which can also offer you unmatched peace of mind along with savings on your insurance bills.

  • You need helping keeping records of building activity

    For large residential, corporate, or manufacturing buildings, having an on-site security guard can help maintain a consistent record of activity in the building. If there is a consistent problem with something in the building — including anything from the heating system to a door with a faulty lock — your security guard will likely be one of the first to notice. With a security guard in the building, these problems can be addressed as soon as they arise.

  • Alcohol is served on the premises

    In any establishment that serves alcohol, there is an increased risk of unruly behaviour from intoxicated patrons. For events that turn aggressive or dangerous, a security guard can subdue individuals to protect your patrons from harm. Not only are security guards trained in self-defence, but they are also able to defuse situations and minimize the risk of violence.

Why Choose Optimum?

At Optimum Security, we offer a wide range of security services to help keep your business, property, or event safe. We work with clients to tailor our services to their unique needs, ensuring each client receives the most effective security service. For more information about our security guard services or to discuss your security needs, call us at 604-644-9229 or contact us here.